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What constitutes good value for money on safari?

We believe there are three essentials to a great safari experience:

Great safari areas
Great safari guides
Great safari accommodation

These combined are what we use to design the safari of your dreams.

What do we base our tours on?

Our criteria are as follows:

We have selected Lodges and Experiences that impressed us with the following:
Superb game viewing area
Engaging safari guides
In-lodge comforts and conveniences
Genuine hospitality
Excellent food
Smooth connections to lodges, airports and meeting points.

What are Private Lodges and Reserves?

Private lodges are situated in private game reserves or concessions within the national parks. They are small and exclusive, giving their guests exclusive use of their areas. Private lodges have small (6-8 people) open vehicles that have the ability to go off-road and are accompanied by qualified guides and trackers.

Why choose a private safari lodge?

Many of the national parks are very popular and allow self-drive or large safari vehicles into the parks on a daily basis. These are confined to the roads, often causing major traffic jams around good sightings. The private lodges offer more intimate enjoyment of the wildlife and can go off-road, getting you closer to the action.

What is a Luxury Safari Lodge?

A luxury safari lodge features beautiful suites, with luxurious finishes and fine linens. They have large en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning.
They also have well stocked bars, superb food, swimming pools, curio shops, internet access, and potentially added extras like out door showers and a turn down service.
Essentially its a 5 star resort, in the midst of the wild.

When is the best time to go on Safari?

These areas are the animals' home and so they can be enjoyed all year round. Our winter (June - August) is high season and viewing is especially good at this time of year, but great deals can be had either side of this.

When should we book?

As the lodges are small, they tend to fill up very quickly, so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Is it safe in an open safari vehicle or camp?

A safari is very safe provided one follows the rules and instructions of the lodge and guides. These areas are home to potentially dangerous animals and the lodges take your safety very seriously.

What should I take with me?

We will send you a comprehensive list prior to your departure.

Why choose a Safari Tour Company?

When searching online, there is much that the lodges do not explain: The size of the reserve, who shares it, how many vehicles use the area?
We have that information for you already, saving you hours of research and helping make your dream safari a seamless experience.