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If it is your first, it won’t be your last.

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Witnessing the theatre of life play out on the African stage must surely be one of life’s most enthralling experiences. What compares to a lion’s proud roar at night, the elegance of the elusive leopard or the colossal presence of an elephant, up close, for the first time? Seeing these creatures interact against the backdrop of the African wilderness is exhilarating and somehow draws us back into harmony with our world and its inspiring characters.

We have taken the time to select safari lodges and experiences that share our passion to provide our guests with the opportunity to experience Africa to the full. With luxurious rooms and incomparable settings, expert guides and trackers and a commitment to service excellence, we partner with lodges that go the extra mile to enable you to relax and immerse yourself in the world of these stars and their stories.

We invite you to explore our offerings, share with us your safari dream and allow us to design an unforgettable experience specifically for you.

Enjoy your safari. If it is your first, it won’t be your last.

Safari ideas

Walk on the Wild Side 5 days

Few things compare to the heart-thumping thrill of exploring the African bush on foot. Ones senses are heightened to every rustle of grass or snap of a twig, and when you see a member of the Big 5 they go into overdrive! You’ll also learn the basics of tracking, spoor identification and about some of the smaller creatures that play vital roles in the eco-system.

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Gold Safari 5 days

The gorgeous private lodges of world-renowned Kruger region offer incredible, up-close Big 5 experiences and photographic opportunities. We partner with two fantastic Lodges; where expert guides and trackers will introduce you to this wonderful region and the animals that have made it famous.

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