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We, John and Sherry-Linn Grant, grew up in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where we spent the days of our youth exploring the wilderness of this region. Nearby was the Kruger National Park, our second home, and visiting it was the most anticipated family holiday of the year. We always couldn’t wait to get back. People would often ask, “Don’t you get tired of the same holiday every year?” The response was always an emphatic, “No! It’s never the same! You never know what’s around the next corner!”

It was here that we first heard a lion rattle our vehicle with its deafening roar, where we witnessed the birth of a baby impala, where we saw the clinical efficiency of an African wild dog kill and where we marvelled at the golden light of an African sunrise. It was here that we learned to understand, respect and love all creatures, great and small, and the roles they play in the circle of life.

about usLife’s journey

Life’s journey took us to Cape Town, where the majestic landscape of the Cape and its famous wines captured our imaginations. This led us to establish Wine Escapes in 2011, a specialist wine tourism company that seeks to provide its guests with informative tours of the Cape’s extensive wine estates, some with a history and tradition of 375 years. It was here where we made our new home.

In time we felt we were missing something important, something vital. We missed our annual trips to the Kruger and so when an opportunity came our way, we launched Wild Escapes. This has brought us home, full circle, and we want to share our knowledge of and love for our wild home with as many people as possible so that everyone can experience the African wilderness as we have.

Here’s to finding out what is around the next corner!!

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